WG NCEU for Chapter 35 organized a public opinion poll in Kosovo and Metohija

Release date: 19.12.2019.
79879407_2451000545022090_1717274288836313088_n.jpg A panel discussion was organized in Belgrade on 18 December 2019, presenting citizens' views on normalization of relations and resolving the Kosovo issue, obtained through the following opinion polls:
- “Normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina from the citizens’ perspective” conducted by the Center for Social Dialogue and Regional Initiative (CDDRI), and
- “Trend Analysis 2019: Attitudes of the Serbian Community in Kosovo” conducted by NGO Aktiv.

The panelists were: Nikola Jovic, CDDRI researcher; Miodrag Milicevic, Director of the NGO Aktiv and Damjan Jovic, Deputy Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija. The moderator of the event was Dragisa Mijačić, coordinator of the NCEU Working Group for Chapter 35.

One of the main findings of the NGO Aktiv’s survey was that of the total number, almost 80% of the respondents in the Serb community south of the Ibar River and about 66% in northern Kosovo do not support the idea of dividing Kosovo. On the other hand, CDDRI research shows that the majority of citizens (almost 80% of respondents) would not accept Kosovo's recognition by Serbia as a possible solution. At the same time, 66.7% of the respondents would not accept the recognition of Kosovo by Serbia, with and exchange of territories in turn; and 57.3 percent would not support an agreement that entailed recognition of Kosovo by Serbia and Serbia receiving four municipalities in northern Kosovo.

The event was attended by diplomatic representatives, civil society organizations, as well as the media.

The panel was supported by the Open Society Foundation, Serbia, as part of a project to support the Working Group of the National Convention on the European Union for Chapter 35, which is implemented by the Institute for Territorial Economic Development (InTER).


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