Mokra Gora Mountain – Beauty of the Balkans

Release date: 09.01.2019.
49612625_1593378994141601_8314057606943473664_o.jpg Within the Project “Mokra gora Mountain - Undiscovered Pearl on the Via Dinarica Trail” InTER organized meetings with partners from Pec, Rozaje, Tutin and Novi Pazar in order to prepare for the upcoming activities aimed at promoting the Mokra Gora Mountain as a unique tourist destination.

In cooperation with partners Marimangat, Municipality of Tutin, Sandžak Regional Development Agency - SEDA and Mountaineering Club "Ahmica" Rožaje, InTER will work on the establishment of a Via Dinarica hiking trail from Prokletije and Hajla across the entire Mokra Gora to the peak of Berim, its furthest eastern part.

In addition, the project will support the creation and promotion of tourism products, which will represent a unique multicultural experience in the beautiful natural setting of Mokra Gora Mountain, also known as the "Beauty of the Balkans".

A significant part of the project will be related to the establishment of cooperation between local communities, which will contribute to overall economic development and regional cooperation in this part of the Balkans.

The project lasts seven months until the beginning of June 2019 and is financed by grants awarded under the EU-funded Tourism Development and Promotion Project and implemented by the Regional Cooperation Council.


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