Activities within the project financed by the World Bank

Release date: 03.06.2019.
IMG_afbc13a19daa9495e8e1ad1ffdffc25d_V.jpg Within the project "Development of Cooperative Social Enterprise Programs that Enhance Livelihood and Income Generating Opportunities for Returnees in the Western Balkans", industrial sewing machines and other necessary equipment for starting businesses in the field of textile production was provided to 10 members of Roma population from Subotica. In addition, the beneficiaries attended sewing training, as well as training on social entrepreneurship and starting a business.

The production of textile items will take place at the Educational Center of Roma (ECR) in Subotica.

The pilot project in Serbia was implemented by InTER between 15 February and 31 May, 2019, in cooperation with CEED Podgorica, with the financial support from the World Bank. In addition, pilot projects in Montenegro and Macedonia are implemented within the same initiative.


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