Workshop organised within the Empowering Banat through Realistic Demand project

Release date: 21.11.2019.
viber_image_2019_11_20_16_27_255.jpg On November 19 and 20, 2019, InTER organised a workshop in Zrenjanin, presenting the preliminary findings of a research on the state of the labor market in Serbian and Romanian parts of Banat.
The workshop resulted in the adoption of a questionnaire for employers in Banat territory that will be used in further research and study development.

The workshop was attended by representatives of RCR Banat, Regional Chamber of Commerce Zrenjanin, Chamber of Commerce Timis, National Employment Service, Inspectorate for Labour, local governments, private companies and others.

The workshops are part of the Empowering Banat through Realistic Demand project implemented by the Banat Regional Center for Socio-Economic Development in partnership with the Chambers of Commerce of Serbia and Timisoara. The project was funded through the Interreg IPA Cross-border Cooperation Program Romania - Serbia.


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