NCEU’s Dialogue with the Prime Minister

Release date: 03.06.2021.
20210602124913_SLO_1819.JPG As part of the Fourth Dialogue of the National Convention on the European Union with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, a meeting on the topic of agriculture and regional development was organised on June 2, 2021.

The discussion on regional development was moderated by Dragisa Mijacic, Director of InTER, who emphasized in his introductory speech the need to revise the existing regional policy in Serbia. He emphasized the need to revise the methodology for calculating the level of development of regions and local self-government units, as well as to create a new unified list of the development of regions and local self-government units in Serbia. He also underlined the need to introduce a territorial approach to public policy-making by targeting geographical areas in line with their competitive advantages. Finally, he stressed the need to strengthen cooperation between state institutions, provincial bodies, local self-governments, universities, institutes, development agencies, chambers of commerce, business associations, and civil society organizations, all in order to formulate better public policies and development plans.

Dragisa Mijacic also appealed to Serbia to join the ratification of the Territorial Agenda 2030, which was initiated by the Federal Republic of Germany in December last year.

You can download Dragisa Mijacic’s presentation below.