• Evaluation start: 12.2012. - Evaluation end: 01.2015.

    Olof Palme International Centre: Monitoring and Evaluation of the Serbia Programme 2013-2014

    Olof Palme International Centre from Stockholm has continued cooperation with InTER on monitoring and evaluation of the Serbia Programme 2012-2014. OPIC Programme in Serbia is implemented within 5 trade unions in Serbia that are located in Kragujevac, Novi Sad and Belgrade.

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  • Evaluation start: 10.2013. - Evaluation end: 10.2013.

    Final evaluation of the project "Nature for Future"

    In cooperation with CEED Consulting from Montenegro, InTER carried out final evaluation of the project "Nature for Future", financed within the EU IPA CBC CRO-MNE granting schemes and implemented by the National Parks of Montenegro and Dubrovnik-Neretva County Regional Development Agency.

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  • Evaluation start: 01.2013. - Evaluation end: 01.2013.

    Mid-term evaluation of Income Generation Activities (IGA) sector of the South Serbia Programme 2012-2014

    InTER has been contracted by Caritas Luxemburg to carry out Mid-term evaluation of Income Generation Activities (IGA) sector of the South Serbia Programme 2012-2014. The assignment included evaluation of effectiveness and efficiency of five individual projects focused on income generation, entrepreneurship and micro-enterprise development among socially vulnerable groups. Project area covered Vranje and Bujanovac. Evaluation was carried out in December 2012 and January 2013.

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  • Evaluation start: 03.2012. - Evaluation end: 03.2012.

    Monitoring and evaluation of the International Centre Olof Palme Serbia Programme

    InTER has been hired by the Olof Palme International Center to assist in designing and overseeing implementation of the ongoing evaluation of the Palme Centre’s Serbia Programme during the years 2012-2014.

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