Via Ferrata Guide & Rescue Training certificate ceremony

Release date: 15.03.2017.
17351987_1004571629687282_7427136482755448421_n.jpg With the presence of the Ambassador of Canada, Mr. Daniel Maksymiuk, representatives of the local government, institutions and citizens, today at the Zubin Potok Culture Centre a ceremony was organised for diploma awarding to the participants of the Via Ferrata Guide & Rescue Training.

Training was successfully finished by the following people:
1. Aleksandar Filipovic, Leposavic;
2. Milos Smiljic, Mitrovica North;
3. Branislav Lazovic, Leposavic;
4. Aleksandar Andjelkovic, Leposavic;
5. Adila Kahrovic, Sjenica;
6. Aleksandar Jovanovic, Leposavic;
7. Aleksandar Bozovic, Zubin Potok;
8. Milena Vucinic, Zupce (Zubin Potok);
9. Milan Trifunovic, Banje (Zubin Potok);
10. Vesna Cosic, Mitrovica North.

By finishing the course they got the opportunity to work on Via Ferrata as guide and rescue professionals.

Via Ferrata Guide & Rescue Training was implemented by the Institute for Territorial Economic Development and Outdoor In, with support of the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives and with support of the NGO Marimangat.