Are municipal administrations in North Kosovo the service for citizens?

Release date: 31.03.2017.
20614844_10213653775167481_830873924_n.jpg Citizens in North Kosovo generally receive services provided by municipal administrations within the Serbian system, while services provided under the Kosovo system are still not functional. These are the preliminary results of the research conducted by the Institute for Territorial Economic Development (InTER), presented at the EU Info Centre in Mitrovica North.

According to this survey, the number of municipal departments in the Kosovo system is more than twice as high than the number in the Serbian system. However, the departments within the Serbian system have much more employees than those in the Kosovo system. The scope of local government competencies in the Kosovo system is broader than in Serbian, and the differences relate to a greater decentralization in health and education.

Central government in Pristina is not fully prepared for the integration of local self-governments in North Kosovo, according to the panellists Danijela Vujicic, a Municipal Councillor in the Mitrovica North Municipal Assembly and Radmila Kapetanovic, Head of the Municipal Administration in Zubin Potok. They added that this situation affected most citizens who, due to the lack of functionality of municipal administrations, cannot receive daily services in their municipality.

The panel discussion was organised within the project "Support to local self-government administration reform in Northern Kosovo" funded by the U.S. Embassy in Pristina.