Conference "PPP in Serbia on the road to European integration"

Release date: 30.03.2018.
viber_image4.jpg In Belgrade, on March 30, 2018, the Institute for Territorial Economic Development (InTER) organised a conference on public and private partnerships (PPP) in Serbia. The event was organized within the project "Improving transparency of public and private partnerships in Serbia" funded by the Open Society Foundation of Serbia.

Participants of the conference pointed out that PPP is increasingly recognized as an important instrument for financing capital projects. Interest in this topic is increased with the entry into force of the Law on Communal Activities in early 2017. Regarding the legal framework, it has been announced at the conference that the drafting of the Law on PPPs and Concessions and the Law on Public Procurement is ongoing, as well as amendments to the regulations in the field of energy efficiency (ESCO contract models). The speakers also pointed to the need to strengthen the capacities of all stakeholders in the PPP process. Primarily, it is necessary to strengthen the institutional framework for PPPs and to build the capacities of local self-government units, as the most common public bodies involved in the PPP process. Bearing in mind that this is a long-term and complex process, it has been suggested that more work should be done to educate and provide expert advisory services to the participants in the process. Also, it has been emphasized that it is necessary to improve the transparency of all stages of the process, from the idea to the realization of PPP projects.

The conference was attended by about 50 participants.