Outdoor In - Zubin Potok Tourism Development

Project start: 03.2013. - Project end: 02.2015. FinishedProject
InTER has been awarded by the European Delegation in Kosovo with a 2-year grant to implement the project “Outdoor In - Zubin Potok Tourism Development”. The project is financed within the EURED 3 grant scheme. The project aims to contribute to economic development and quality of life in Zubin Potok municipality and other municipalities in the northern Kosovo through improving conditions and creation of potentials for tourism development. The expected results of the project are to advance institutional capacity for development of tourism in Zubin Potok municipality, to improve the conditions of tourism infrastructure, to increase capacity of service providers, to initiate tourist-generating activities and to promote tourism potentials. Implementation of the project has started on 1 March 2013 and will last till 28 February 2015.

The project OUTDOOR IN has 5 components which include several activities.

The first component focuses on institutional capacity for development of tourism and it includes preparation of the Tourism Development Strategy, establishment of the local tourist association and the network of tourism service providers.

The second component deals with construction of tourism infrastructure, primarily construction of the beach and children's playground on the Lake Gazivode, construction of an artificial wall for free-climbing activities, marking of hiking and biking trails, tourist signposts and resting spots.

The third component focuses on advancement of service providing capacities in tourism, through trainings for free-climbing, paragliding, diving, windsurfing, cayaking, and first aid services. This component also includes management and marketing trainings for restaurant and hotel owners and other tourist workers in the territory of Zubin Potok.

The fourth component includes organisation of two international summer camps, two regional competitions in extreme sports and two winter hiking actions (one activity each year).

The fifth component includes promotion of tourist potentials of the Municipality of Zubin Potok through development of a tourist website, printing of promotional materials and studies about the tourist offer in Zubin Potok, as well as participation in two international tourism fairs.

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