Transparent and responsible implementation of PPP projects in Serbia

Project start: 01.2019. - Project end: 06.2019. FinishedProject
BALKAN_MONITORING_PUBLIC_FINANCES_LOGO.jpg Since January 2019, InTER has been implementing the project "Transparent and responsible implementation of PPP projects in Serbia", which aims to increase awareness and understanding of all stakeholders in the implementation of PPP projects by presenting examples of good practice. Also, the project will promote responsible implementation of PPP, as well as advocacy among the decision makers. The project lasts for 6 months, until June 30, 2019.

InTER's project is funded by NGO Fractal within the project "CSOs as equal partners in public finance monitoring." NGO Fractal is implementing the project in partnership with CEKOR in Serbia and partner organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Slovenia. The project is financially supported by the European Commission within the project "CIVIL SOCIETY FACILITY AND MEDIA PROGRAM 2014-2015".

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