• 2016_Klasteri_desetak_godina_kasnije_1_1_page_001.jpgDate start 16.11.2016.Research

    Clusters ten years later - Analysis of effects of the Cluster Development Support Programmes in Serbia 2007-2015

    Cluster Development Support Programme is the longest national programme in the promotion of competitiveness, started in 2007. It was developed with the goal to contribute to a better productivity and competitiveness of companies through clusters, and to promote and develop cooperation between companies and entrepreneurs and R&D organisations. InTER has conducted the analysis of the Programme's results for the period 2007 - 2015, with the goal to provide an overview of effects in relation to the defined objectives, and initiate a discussion about further directions for support to cluster development in Serbia.

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  • KFOS_FINAL.jpgDate start 03.10.2016.Research

    Financial aid impact in the North Kosovo after the Brussels Agreement – do we live better?

    Institute for Territorial Economic Development (InTER) present the study "Do we live better?", which is developed as a result of the research within the project "Impact of investments in the North Kosovo after the Brussels Agreement – do we live better". The project was implemented in cooperation with RTV Mir from Leposavic, and funded by the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS). The study includes a comprehensive analysis of funds that were researched (Fund for the Development of North Kosovo, EU financial assistance and assistance to municipalities from the budget of the Government of Kosovo), with conclusions and recommendations for representatives of local self-government units in North Kosovo, the Government of Kosovo and European Union.

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  • Analiza_izvestaja_EK.jpgDate start 10.12.2015.Policy papers

    Analysis of European Commission's Progress Reports in issues relevant for territorial development

    European Commission’s Progress Reports for European integration of Western Balkans countries and Turkey are among the most important analytical documents providing an assessment of success and directions for the necessary reform process every year. Progress Reports are also important in the legislation reform process, development policy or programming of financial aid provided by the European Union within IPA Program. Institute for Territorial Economic Development has prepared a comparative analysis of Progress Reports of Western Balkans countries (without Turkey), with regard to topics relevant for territorial development as the main activity field of our organisation. With that regard we analysed parts of the Report related to the fulfillment of political and economic criteria, and we also tackled the chapters dealing with issues of special importance for territorial development: 8. Competition policy, 11. Agriculture and rural development, 20. Enterprise and industrial policy and 22. Regional policy and coordination of structural instruments.

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  • New_Picture.jpgDate start 16.10.2015.Strategies

    Survey Results for Tourism in Ibarski Kolašin / Kollashini i Ibrit

    A Research is published on tourism development in Ibarski Kolasin (Zubin Potok) carried out by the Institute for Territorial Economic Development (InTER), in cooperation with Outdoor In. The research shows the analysis of preferences of tourists visiting Ibarski Kolasin searching for attractions for active tourism. The research was published in Serbian, Albanian and English language, and translation and printing of the publication were financed by the Swiss project PPSE/Swisscontact.

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