Capacity Building of Cluster Associations in Serbia

Project start: 10.2007. - Project end: 12.2007. FinishedProject
The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia contracted InTER to provide technical assistance in the capacity building of cluster associations in Serbia. The assignment included curriculum development and the organisation of 4 cycles of capacity-building workshops, each composed of 7 modules of training courses on the following topics:
1. Clusters as tools for regional development;
2. Strategic planning of cluster development;
3. Project cycle management and EU project development;
4. Organisational capacity development;
5. Risk analysis and management;
6. Marketing; and
7. Lobbying, networking and conflict mediation.

Target groups were participants from clusters and business support organisations including Chambers of Commerce, local/regional development agencies, national employment services, private consultancy companies, municipalities and NGOs. In total, 26 training modules were organised over 50 days of training.

The project was implemented from October to December 2007.

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