Technical Assistance to Local Self-Government Reform in Montenegro

Project start: 06.2010. - Project end: 06.2011. FinishedProject
The main objective of the European Commission-funded project EuropeAid/128307/C/SER/ME, entitled “Technical Assistance to Local Self Government Reform in Montenegro”, was to improve the absorption capacity of EC funds for local economic development by Montenegrin municipalities through better identification, development and management of priority municipal investments, in line with EU best practice. InTER’s role was to provide assistance in the development of a training programme for local self-government units in Montenegro. The training programme consisted of five modules:
1. Project identification in line with EU standards;
2. Formulation and appraisal of EU-funded projects;
3. Preparation of technical documentation for EU-funded investment projects;
4. Implementation of EU-funded projects;
5. Implementation of EU-funded investment projects (Work Contracts).

The project intervention lasted one year, from June 2010 to June 2011.

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