• Outcome_Assessment_Montenegro.jpgDate start 10.01.2012.Reports

    Outcome Assessment of the Development Cooperation between Sweden and Montenegro 2001-2010

    This report is the result of a study into the results of the Sida’s Development Cooperation with Montenegro from 2000 through 2010. The Study incorporates a review of the development cooperation defined by the Strategy for development cooperation with the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY), excluding Kosovo, which was for the period 2000-2004, the Country Strategy – Serbia and Montenegro – 2004-2007, and the Phasing-out plan for development cooperation with the Republic of Montenegro, which defined the cooperation strategy from 2008 to the end of Swedish assistance to Montenegro, formally at the end of 2010.

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  • Study_Serbia.jpgDate start 10.01.2012.Reports

    Study of the Results of Development Assistance under the current Swedish Strategy for Development Cooperation with Serbia January '09 – December '12

    The report is the result of a study into the results of the current Cooperation Strategy for Sida’s Development Cooperation with Serbia. This current strategy covers the period January 2009 through December 2012. The study is intended to assist Sida in its preparations for the development of a new cooperation strategy, which will be valid beyond the end of 2012.

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  • SEENET_Second_Report.jpgDate start 28.11.2011.Magazines

    Decentralisation and Local Development in the Western Balkans: convergences and divergences among different contexts

    This report is the second in a series realised as part of the SeeNet Programme by a research network coordinated by CeSPI (Italy) and composed of seven research organisations from South East Europe, including InTER. The report focuses on decentralisation and local development, with a particular emphasis on governance in Vojvodina. The analysis was conducted from a multi-level perspective, taking into consideration local, other sub-national, national, European, and other international levels. It also adopts a multi-stakeholder perspective.

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  • ICT.jpgDate start 28.11.2011.Magazines

    ICT in Serbia - At a Glance

    The study presents an overview of the ICT sector in Serbia, designed to serve as a tool for policy makers, business support organisations, international development organisations, individual companies and other parties interested in the topic. The Study is structured into six thematic fields: 1. Statistical Overview of the Serbian ICT sector, 2. General Business Environment, 3. Education and Human Recourses Development, 4. Research and Development, 5. Networking and Cooperation and 6. Current Situations, Trends and Potentials. The Study also provided a SWOT Analysis of the ICT Sector in Serbia and Conclusions with main findings and recommendations. Stakeholder analysis of key players in ICT sector in Serbia is provided as an annex. The Study has been published by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH Program for Private Sector Development in Serbia ACCESS and Vojvodina ICT Cluster in January 2011.

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