• PB_Decenija_LERa.jpgDate start 11.01.2013.Policy papers

    Policy Brief: A decade of local economic development in Serbia: lessons for the future

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  • EU_Progres.jpgDate start 08.11.2012.Evaluations

    Mid-term evaluation - European Partnership with Municipalities (EU Progres)

    Zehra Kačapor-Džihic (Team Leader) and Dragiša Mijačić (InTER's Director) carried out the evaluation and prepared the interim report on the European Partnership with Municipalities Program - EU Progres. Evaluation was carried out in May, June and July 2012.

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  • Policy_brief_ser_cover.jpgDate start 07.11.2012.Policy papers

    Policy Brief: Impact Assesment of EU Financial Assistance in Serbia

    This paper argues for the necessity of a comprehensive impact assessment of EU financial assistance to Serbia to-date, with the parallel goal of designing better instruments for measuring impact, and thereby contributing to improved policy design for the country’s socio-economic development and future EU accession. The paper explores the scale of EU assistance in Serbia, giving an overview of the history of EU development cooperation over the time period 2000-2012, before going on to provide an analysis of the tools currently used for assessing impacts of the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA). The paper ends with conclusions and policy recommendations for including impact assessment as an integral element of all EU-assisted operations.

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  • Final_evaluation_report_MN.jpgDate start 22.08.2012.Evaluations

    EIDHR 2010: Final Evaluation “Strengthening Women Participation in Decision-Making Process at the Local Level”

    The report covers findings, conclusions and recommendation of the final evaluation of the project: “Strengthening Women Participation in Decision-Making Process at the Local Level”, financed within the European Instrument for Democracy & Human Rights 2010 (EIDHR) Country Based Support Scheme (CBSS) for Montenegro, and jointly implemented by the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development - CEED (as a lead partner) and the S.O.S. Call Centre Nikšić (as a partner).

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