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    Zubin Potok Development Strategy 2013-2017

    In March 2013 InTER has been contracted by the Kosovo Relief Committee to carry out assignment that led to preparation of the Zubin Potok Development Strategy 2013-2017. The assignment was performed within the scope of the Entrepreneurship Initiative Support Project, financed by the European Union within the EURED grant scheme. The strategic planning has been carried out using a participatory approach, where public and private actors (including CSOs) have been working together in determining the joint vision, development priorities, objectives and measures. As a result, a Development plan for Zubin Potok Municipality has been prepared and submitted to the Municipal Assembly for approval.

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  • Finalna_eval.jpgDate start 23.05.2013.Evaluations

    Final Evaluation "Nature for the Future" IPA 2007 - 2013

    Independent Evaluation Report prepared by CEED Consulting-a and InTER.

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  • Strategija_Zubin_Potok.jpgDate start 21.04.2013.Strategies

    Private Sector Development Strategy of the Municipality of Zubin Potok 2013 - 2017

    Strategy for the development of private sector, small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurship in the municipality of Zubin Potok is a document developed within the project “New Business Opportunities” implemented by Kosovo Relief Committee, and funded within DFID Programme. Technical support in the strategy development was provided by the Institute for Territorial Economic Development (InTER).

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  • SEENET_3.jpgDate start 21.03.2013.Reports

    Territorial Cohesion: definition of the concept and implications for territorial cooperation

    The publication is the third report of a series realised within the SeeNet Programme by a research network coordinated by CeSPI and composed by seven research organisations from South East Europe. The report is published in January 2012.

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