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    Cross-Border Development Concept Foča (BiH) - Plužine (Montenegro)

    The publication represents a Concept for Cross-Border Development of two municipalities Foča from Bosnia and Hercegovina and Plužine from Montenegro. It is a baseline document that provides an overview of the potential for cross-border cooperation, accompanied by practical recommendations to local authorities of the two municipalities, as well as public and private sector representatives, civil society activists and professionals from international development cooperation agencies. The Concept has been developed by InTER under the auspices of the GIZ Open Regional Fund project on Cross-Border Economic Development of Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina and it should be published in April 2011.

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  • SeeE.jpgDate start 28.11.2011.Magazines

    An Overview on Governance for Local Development in SEENET Territories

    The publication is the first report of a series realised within the SeeNet Programme by a research network coordinated by CeSPI and composed by seven research organisations from South East Europe. The report is published in December 2010. The unit of analysis of the research is the territory. Seven territories in South East Europe have been selected for the Research, each being assigned by one research organisation. Institute for Territorial Economic Development (InTER) has been selected on a competitive ground to conduct research activities in Vojvodina, which is the territory of concern from Serbia. InTER’s Research in Vojvodina has been covering the topic of Local Productive Systems and it is given on pages 251-277.

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  • ZB.jpgDate start 28.11.2011.Magazines

    Local Employment Action Plan 2011 for Zubin Potok Municipality

    The report represents the action plan for implementation of the local employment strategy of Zubin Potok municipality in 2011. The report is published in December 2010. The report provides the statistical overview of territory, demography, natural resources, economy and employment and gives recommendations for implementation of applicable active labour measure policies, including the budget assessment. The report is available only in Serbian Language.

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  • GA.jpgDate start 28.11.2011.Magazines

    Guidelines for Assessment of EU IPA CBC Application Packages

    The publication represents a guideline for assessment of project proposals received under Calls for Proposals for EU IPA Component II on Cross-Border Development. The Guidelines is primarily developed as a tool to assist Assessors in assessing each criterion of the proposal evaluation grid. However, the Guidelines does not have intention to restrict the Assessors in grading the applications, neither to advocate normative standards for assessment of IPA CBC Applications to EC and respective national authorities. The Guidelines might also be used by the applicants in checking the quality of their applications prior to the final submission to the authorities. The Guidelines is developed by Dragisa Mijacic, Director of InTER, based of his direct experience of assessment of more than 200 applications received under EU Neighbourhood Programme 2004 - 2006 and EU IPA CBC.

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